Welcome to Positive Force DC

Positive Force DC is an activist collective seeking radical social change, personal growth, and youth empowerment.

We organize benefit and free concerts, art shows, film screenings, protests, and educational events while also doing direct work with people in need. We believe in building supportive, transformational community, where friendship, fun and mutual aid mix freely. We are not about dogma, but a spirit of flexible, creative rebellion that has room for many specific beliefs.

Cooperation, solidarity and tolerance are far more important to us than any self-righteous idea of purity.

Apathy, ignorance, conformity and greed are our common enemies.
Above all, we believe in the power of people to change their world.

Positive Force came out of the punk underground, but we are about more than alternative music — we promote active, responsible, thoughtful alternative lifestyles. We are a collection of diverse individuals who don’t seek to supply easy answers, but to suggest important questions.

We are united in seeking a world where all can flourish, where all people are guaranteed basic human rights like food, shelter, health care, education and employment at a living wage; where no-one is discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, age, nationality or disability.

We believe that such a world could be made more possible by simple, communally oriented lifestyles that are free of chemical abuse and respectful of the Earth and all life. Such an environment would have little place for militarism, violence, hierarchy, consumerism, economic inequality or censorship.

In the end, it is what each of us does that makes us who we are. Our lives can be the most powerful protest imaginable.
By refusing to become stagnant, complacent and uncaring, we have a chance to make a real difference; a chance to radically change our world as we change ourselves.

If we throw away that chance, if we just take the easy way out,
how will anything ever change?

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